Hollywood Festival aims to promote and disseminate international cinema, establishing itself as a place of annual gathering for world cinema talents and professionals.

An international festival where industry live audiences and critics around a selection of the best in the world. International releases creative talents of the great films of auteur cinema, contemporary, the presence of large number of emerging talents, a defender for the youngest film, film support budget and above all assured that today More than ever, a film festival can be useful to the public, to films and filmmakers.

The main focus of the festival consists of several competitive sections feature films, documentaries, short films and non-fiction film. The other main axis consists of special screenings, tributes and retrospectives, with the aim of providing a comprehensive view of international cinema. Also, the festival hosts every year nominations for Academy Film Awards.

Cinema greats will be honored, legendary figures of Hollywood and international films to disseminate what is the great art of cinema.

With a great success of call, Stars Hollywood Festival never loses sight of maintaining closeness and complicity with it, its activities extend beyond films.

Aware of the importance of the Internet, the festival accepts jobs worldwide, in order to provide global coverage to filmmakers