A big social action for a big festival

The Social Action of the Fundación Mundo Ciudad will impel the filmmakers across Scholarships of Formation for a value for 3.995 euros each one, for it,across the Social Action of the Foundation, the creators of cinematographic works that have taken part and have been selected by the jury,they will obtain a Scholarship to study a Master’s degree in Cinematographic Direction with specialty in Environmentand RSC that will be studied in SPANISH.
All the filmmakers taking part in Hollywood Festival Online, once paid Fee for 10 euros and recognized the movie to contest, will have a right to receive this scholarship of formation as sample of support of the organization to the best governing futures of the world.
Fundación Mundo Ciudad like organizer of Hollywood Festival, is an entity with united ends. It is by it that ours effortsare directed to help to the biggest number possible with filmmakers across the prestigious School of Business Campus Universitario Europeo, belonging to the Spanish Association of business Schools and in educational agreement with the prestigious University San Miguel. (the pupil only will pay the expedition of the title and Comment of the The Hague of the above mentioned Master’s degree 295€)
Hollywood Festival is adherent to the safety Stamp system in Internet and the same way to the ethical code of good conducts of the platform www.yourfestival. org.
This contest has a clear united end andsupports the World Agreement of the United Nations, The Global Compact.
This festival supports the criteria of the Foundation FAADA, for the defense of the animals in the Audio-visual sector,collaborating in a narrow way with this entity, therefore there will not bea dmitted works in which animals should have turned out to be damaged, battered or they damaged some how for the creation of any type of movie.