Hollywood Festival Online 2016

Inscription term opened until November 30

How to inscribe your movies to take part?

1Read thoroughly the bases of the contest before taking part: DOWNLOAD THE CONDITIONS IN ENGLISH

2. The organization of Hollywood Festival Online can request in some moment that you send an inscription sheet to validate your participation. You can download it here:


3. To send your movies, you must discharge yourself in the platform www.filmfreeway.com and register




4. Participate in Hollywood Festival Online takes a cost of inscription (Fee) for 10 Euros for each presented movie. All the participants will receive a Scholarship of Formation (To see Social Action), but also the winners of the festival will have the following privileges of free form:

  • Official organization certificate of the winner´s of Hollywood Festival Online (sent by e-mail)
  • To include the winning film in the Official List of winners of Hollywood Festival Online for the present year edition.
  • The transfer of the Copyright of Hollywood Festival for the promotional use as winner of the festival as well as the laurel that credits the award.
  • To include the winning work in the Online ceremony produced by the organization and published in the official mass media of Hollywood Festival.