The town was founded in 1857. Although the name comes from the English words holly (Holly) and wood (forest), it was the wife of a developer who named, in the 1880s, to his ranch in the area after having met a couple from elsewhere whose house was called Hollywood.

In 1903 Hollywood officially became municipality and seven years later councilors voted in favor of the integration of the province to the city of Los Angeles, primarily to provide enough water through the grid of the city.

Besides being a suburb of Los Angeles, Hollywood defined the term generically also the film industry and television rooted in Southern California.

In the early 1900s, film production companies from New York and New Jersey started moving to California because of the monopoly established by Edison in the US and also for its many sunny days during the year and the days were also longer . Although there was already electricity, movie studios relied on natural light to shoot.

The first study in the area of ​​Hollywood was founded in 1911. In the same year another fifteen studies were established there, mainly due to the good climate that facilitated the exterior shoots. This was because many studies began to stop paying the fee abusive Edison (who owned the patent as a theoretical inventor of cinema), I could get them into serious legal trouble. Since then, the Hollywood district was evolving into a mecca of world cinema.